by Duncan Peters July 26, 2022 1 min read

How assured is your drinking water access?

Written by Novus team member


After summers sailing the Scottish West Coast islands, my family and I have really fallen in love with the Scottish Islands. The Isle of Coll is one of my favourite places to visit, for the people as well as the views. However... 

Coll has a problem with drinking water access.

After many trips to the village 'tap' (a Scottish Water tap by the ladies loos in the town, where locals fill up containers of treated water several times a week), and transporting large amounts of plastic bottled water onto the island myself, I knew this was something we could explore with the Novus technology. 

The Study

We first wanted to understand how big a topic drinking water was on the island, so put out a post to the local facebook page to see if anyone was interested. We were amazed by the responses, with 100% of those on private water supplies, concerned about their water quality, and although we were not trying to sell a product, 60% were interested to trial a solution later in the year.

Some of the insights are shown below. 


What next?

Through the help of the local community, we are going to reach out to those who were interested in further conversations, to learn more about their needs. We will use these qualitative insights to create a picture of what a potential solution for Coll could look like. 

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