by Duncan Peters August 09, 2021 2 min read

Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI)

Our mission is to reduce the environmental cost of pure drinking water in major cities. The demand for higher quality drinking water in the form of disposable filters, reverse osmosis cartridges and bottled drinking water is increasing, especially in populated cities like London, New York, Beijing etc. By providing a device that produces mineral water quality water in the home, without disposable high carbon components, we can: 

  1. Reduce the carbon cost of water purification in cities and 
  2. Provide alternatives to bottled mineral water that will slow the growth of bottled water use in our cities.

The ECCI Grant provided funding for work to be carried out on the market we were entering, the possible customer base and provided opportunities to network with other Climate-KIC participants. We  attended relevant events, coaching, and training courses provided by ECCI.

A Market Review plan was completed and reviewed by ECCI mentors as well as progress reports giving details of  the market research and customer feedback. The progress reports also provided details of the challenges and opportunities we discovered during this period of research.

As a result of this research and feedback, we were able to update our business plan and prioritise our next steps.

The funding and support provided by ECCI has allowed CWD to develop a network of mentors and supporters within Scotland, and further afield who have provided them with direction and support as they continue to develop the technology with a view to addressing the increasingly growing issue of water purity within our towns and cities and the subsequent reliance on plastic bottled water for pure water in their homes. 

CWD continues to work towards providing a new high speed, low energy, circular economy water purification product that can remove all contaminants commonly found in water supplies in our towns and cities.  CWD aims to rid our homes of the need to use bottled water by ensuring the water from our taps is pure.  This will be achieved by the use of the MVCD™device.