How much will it cost to provide your home with reliable water?

How much carbon would I save by switching to a IF?

How would the IF be used on a typical day?

Standard usage:
This customer is on the Octopus GO tariff so their cheap electricity period is fixed from 00.30-04.30 in the morning at 7p/kWh. You can see that the Novus purifier is prioritising morning purification (blue bars) and the water level sensor is then calling for more production as water levels decrease throughout the day.

User Data:
Water used = 10L
Energy used = 3.7 kWh
Daily energy cost = £2.06*
* base on day rates of 0.55p / kWh
Energy Saver Plus usage: 
This customer is using the same amount of water per day, but their energy consumption is considerably lower. They have decided that they only want a set amount of water per day. This is useful, because it allows the Novus system to generate all of the water needed at night (when energy prices are low) and power down throughout the day.

User Data:
Water used = 10
Energy used = 2.25 kWh
Daily energy cost = £0.15* (£695 saving over on demand)
* base on over economy 7 rates of 0.07p / kWh